Reduce anxiety about your porn use.

Let’s be real, just about everyone views porn.

To many, it’s no big deal – but to others, it feels more like an addiction.

What’s it like for you?

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SelfChanger puts you in control.

Totally private. No chatting with another person.

Read articles. Consider what’s best. Change over time.

Explore at your own pace

Behavior change takes time, and inspiration comes in waves.

Reflect on your experiences

Gain clarity on what you want from your life.

Find balance to reduce stress

Align your behaviors with your beliefs, priorities, and values.

Not everyone wants or needs to quit porn completely.

That’s up to you. There are options.

SelfChanger's Counseling Methods

Behavior Change Theory and Practice

The Stages of Change

Lasting lifestyle change in 5 stages

The researchers behind the Stages of Change (SOCs) found that lasting behavior change is rare when individuals go cold-turkey. Lasting change takes time and preparation. The SOCs are a proven roadmap for success.

The Stages of Change

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Motivational Interviewing

A goal-oriented counseling technique centered around respect for the individual and how they want to change

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Creating new perspectives for facing challenges and setting healthy routines.

What We're Working On...

• Self-guided behavior coaching matched to your change goals
• On-demand live counseling with trained professionals by text or call

SelfChanger is in Development

Looking for help right now?

Learn the REAL porn habits of other people, and discover what it means for YOU to View Responsibly.


Be Happy With Your Habits

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